WebODM 0.8.1 is out! Improvements and Task Imports.

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Today we’ve released version 0.8.1 of WebODM. It features several improvements including:

  • Ability to import tasks that have been processed on another WebODM instance (or via webodm.net or NodeODM).
  • Custom TMS/XYZ basemaps and no basemaps toggle.
  • Review step prior to processing a dataset, which should reduce mistakes when creating a new task and selecting the wrong node or options.
  • New UI colors.
  • Simplified process for starting a development environment (deprecated the devenv.sh script in favor of a –dev flag to be passed to webodm.sh)
  • Volume measurement bug fix for iframes and public links.
  • Export volume measurements! This was probably overdue, there was no way to export the geometry / volume calculation results out of WebODM. Now you can!

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